Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Interesting Quarterbacks

After announcers, emails, and conversations were pounded into my head about what a great guy Kurt Warner is, with his story about being a grocery store bagger and marrying a woman with a kid in a wheelchair, I decided to find some things about other quarterbacks.

1.Jay Cutler-On May 1, 2008, annouced he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and needs daily insulin shots. Cutler does volunteer work for mentally challenged young people through Vanderbilt's "Best Buddies" program. He works with Dedicated to Diabetes, which is a Denver-based organization that aims to improve public knowledge about diabetes as well.

2.Tom Brady- played college football for and graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan. He was a backup his first two years, the current starter was future NFL quarterback Brian Griese.When he enrolled at Michigan, Brady was seventh on the depth chart and had an intense struggle to get some playing time. At one point, Brady hired a sports psychologist to help him cope with frustration and anxiety and even considered transferring to California.

3.Chad Pennington- and his wife Robin created the 1st and 10 Foundation in 2003 with the mission to build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve quality of life throughout West Virginia, Tennessee and the New York Metropolitan area. Since its inception in 2003 the foundation has given gifts of over half a million dollars to various organizations.

4.David Garrard -Garrard was 14 years old when his mother died from breast cancer. When Garrard began his NFL career, he created The David Garrard Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness and research.Doctors diagnosed Garrard with Crohn's disease in 2004. Despite undergoing surgery in June 2004 to remove a nearly 12-inch portion of his intestines, Garrard played during the 2004 NFL season. Garrard now starts for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

5.Phillip Rivers - Rivers worked as a waterboy at Decatur High School, in Decatur, Alabama, where his father Steve was the head coach of the football team. As part of a fifth-grade project, he had to make a poster about his dreams and aspirations. On the poster, he pasted his face over that of a Minnesota Vikings player who had appeared on a cover of Sports Illustrated. He has worn the number 17 since ninth grade; it is in honor of his father, who wore the same number in high school. Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, began dating in the seventh grade.