Friday, August 12, 2011

NFL Preseason Predictions! Part 2: The Intense AFC East

I was going to include the AFC West in this analysis, but I really wanted to focus on the Jets-Patriots rivalry because this will be a huge year for both teams.

1. New England Patriots 13-3

They're looking good. Very good. Tom Brady is showing no signs of slowing down, BenJarvus Green-Ellis is making a name for himself, and the Pats made a good acquisition with the signing of Chad Ochocinco. Ochocinco, with always good Wes Welker, and young talent with Brandon Tate and Julian Edelman will really open up the pass game for New England this year. Jerod Mayo and Brandon Spikes combine for some of the best two young linebackers in the league, and adding Albert Haynesworth at DT will compliment Vince Wilfork very well. Once Shaun Ellis is nursed back to health, this defensive line will have the potential to be the best in the NFL. While the Jets will be competitive, this division is New England's to lose.

Final Result: AFC Championship appearance

2. New York Jets 12-4

The Jets don't have as much talent as the Patriots, but every single player performs to their absolute maximum ability under the motivational techniques implored by Rex Ryan. He can make Miley Cyrus think she's a 6'4, 350 lb Pro Bowl defensive end. That's why the Jets will make a Super Bowl appearance this year. Mark Sanchez took a while to develop, but this is going to be his breakout hear. He's got Super Bowl champion Plaxico Burress, Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes, and Baltimore Ravens all-time leading receiver Derrick Mason to throw to. He'll be protected by one of the best lines in the league, and backed up by one of the most intimidating defenses in the league, led by Bart Scott. The Jets secondary will be outstanding this year, with the best cornerback in the NFL Darelle Revis, Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie, former Boise State standout Kyle Wilson, and an underrate safety in Jim Leonhard. The Patriots will win the division, but the raw determination the Jets possess will eventually outlast New England when it counts - the playoffs.

Final Prediction: Super Bowl Appearance

3. Miami Dolphins 7-9

Reggie Bush, it's your time to shine. You haven't done much to prove yourself yet, but now you have your opportunity. Chad Henne should show some improvement this year, with Brandon Marshall in his prime and some young talent surrounding him. The rest of the Miami lineup is as average as it gets, with no real playmakers or defensive enforcers. Until the Phins can get some Pro Bowl talent at more than one or two positions, they will continue to be a slightly below average team.

Final Prediction: Miss Playoffs

4. Buffalo Bills 5-11

You know, the Bill have some talent this year. It's in random areas, but there are signs of talent. They've had some nice acquisitions with home-run threat Brad Smith, hard hitting Shawn Merriman, and third overall draft pick Marcell Dareus. Buffalo's depth at receiver has increased drastically, and the Bills have high hopes for the speedy running back CJ Spiller. This won't be a big year for the Bills, but expect slow steps of progression.

Final Prediction: Better, but Miss Playoffs

AFC West Predictions coming very soon. Thanks for reading!

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