Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mid-term Report Card

Now entering November, most of us college students are starting to get into the depth of our classes, meaning longer hours in the library and less time for recreation. This may not be true for everyone, but it certainly is for me. That's why you haven't seen a post from me in a few weeks. Don't fret, though, friends, for I have come up with a wonderful idea to combine school and sports for an awesome story.

I am going to give out letter grades to certain teams based on their performance compared to their expectations. Hope you enjoy! And remember, Professor DiSchiano doesn't give grades, teams earn them.

St. Louis Cardinals - A+

Not only did the Cards win the World Series, they won when the Rangers were just an out away from the title - twice! St. Louis conveyed the meaning of resilience, winning with class and heart. A great World Series with two great teams; certainly a treat for all sports fans alike.

Clemson Tigers - A-

Starting out the college football season 8-0 with wins over the defending-champion Auburn Tigers, Florida State, and Virginia Tech, the Tigers established themsevles as national title contenders. Will they make an appearance in the BCS National Championship? Probably not. Even if they win out, they're still in a weak conference in the ACC, so the BCS isn't likely to recognize their strength. Good team, but not A+ caliber.

The Big 12 Conference - B

You can wave goodbye to Texas A&M (which may not be such a bad thing after all) and Missouri looks to be parting ways (be careful what you wish for, Tigers), but the Big 12 has made up for its future losses by adding some very solid schools with TCU and West Virginia, and there's still rumor that Louisville will be on board as well. When you add Kansas into that mix, you're getting closer and closer to a powerhouse basketball conference.

Kansas Jayhawks (Basketball) - C+

The preseason AP Poll has come out, and the Jayhawks are feeling no love from the voters. Ranked 13th, this Kansas team has something to prove coming out of the gates, and we'll just have to wait and see if they were placed accordingly.

Philadelphia Eagles - D

They're 2-4, Michael Vick is playing like he did in his rookie year, and the defense is handing out points like candy. If they don't shape up now, the players of this proclaimed "Dream Team" will only be playing in the Super Bowl in their dreams.

Texas A&M - F

Is there a grade lower than "F" that I can give? How about "H" for "helpless"? "I" for "inconsistent"? "Z" for "Zach thinks that you are all incompetent football players who can't hold on to a lead to save your lives, and for some reason you think that you will fare better against SEC teams when you can't even leave the middle of the Big 12 standings"? Pitiful. I really do want to see the Aggies succeed - they're a talented team with a great coaching staff and excellent fan base -  it's just so frustrating when they continue to underachieve yet act as if they are number one in the polls.

With all that said, I'm naming the Cardinals my teacher's pet and sending the Aggies to detention. Any questions?

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