Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stop Whining, Texas A&M

In case you've missed it, Texas A&M did a lot of whining today about the upcoming Longhorn Network, resulting in the NCAA forcing the Big 12 to limit what can be shown on ESPN's new affiliate in Austin. Texas A&M is crying because it thinks that somehow the release of this network will give Texas an "unfair advantage" in recruiting. The Aggies also believe that the Longhorn Network will destroy what's left of the Big 12.

Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin used the term “uncertainty” time and again Thursday in describing the state of the league, thanks to the start of the ESPN-owned Longhorn Network in Austin next month.

“The (recent) announcement by ESPN that the Longhorn Network might carry a conference (football) game in addition to a nonconference game was troubling, and then following right after that was ESPN’s announcement regarding high school games would be televised as well,” Loftin said. “Both of those we believe provide a great deal of uncertainty right now for us and the conference."

Loftin said the LHN has no business showing Big 12 football games, and especially high school games that might target top recruits.

“If (they show) one conference game, then maybe we have two or three,” Loftin said. “High school games are very problematic. … If we have an unequal playing field for various schools (concerning recruiting), we think that is a problem. That creates uncertainty.”

Where do I start? These claims are so far-fetched and ridiculous, I don't even know if they deserve to be addressed.

Let me just point this out to you, A&M, before you go on tearing down something that Texas has worked for. You can create your own Aggie Network. Just like any team can start their own network. If you think that the Longhorn Network is giving Texas an advantage, then start your own network and give yourself an advantage. No one is stopping you.

ESPN is putting a lot on the table for this Longhorn Network. To let the NCAA force them to put restrictions on what viewers can see on the network is absurd. Remember, ESPN is not employed by the NCAA. In fact, the only reason the NCAA makes millions and millions of dollars in annual revenue is because of ESPN. So why ESPN is adhering to the NCAA and Texas A&M's lucrative complaints is beyond me.

A&M is blaming the fall of the Big 12 on Texas for its new network, yet the Aggies have been strongly considering switching to the SEC. How does that make sense? Practice what you preach, Aggie Nation.

Listen, I have no problem with A&M moving from the Big 12 to the SEC. If that's what they want, then awesome. But do not talk about the success you would have if you did join the SEC, and then stay in the Big 12. If you truly think that you can beat up on the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and LSU, then by all means do it. I support you. But don't just sit there and talk about all that you could do if you switched conferences. Just do it.

Do I think that you have a legitimate chance in the SEC, absolutely not. Don't forget that the last Big 12 title you won was over a decade ago. If you can't win in the Big 12, how is moving to the SEC going to be any better? You have one of the worst defenses in the country, especially with the departure of Von Miller, and your offensive players are not nearly on the same plane as any competition in the SEC. I think that Vanderbilt and Kentucky would finish above the you in the conference standings. But if you think that it would help you get some more attraction from recruits and maybe down the road you would become an elite football program, then by all means go ahead and do it. But do not walk around proclaiming yourselves as a top tier football program when you've lost 12 out of your last 15 bowl games. Oh, and three of those bowl games were against SEC opponents, in which you lost by a combined 72 points. And the last bowl game you've actually won was the Bowl against TCU in 2001.

I'm not trying to rag on Texas A&M here. They have excellent academics, some of the best fans in the country, great facilities and good athletic programs.

But they are not title contenders, and they don't need to act like they are. The Aggies need to either move to the SEC, or shut up. It's that simple. Stop talking about Texas because the more you do that, the more you look like Texas' little sister begging for attention from Mom. If you feel like the SEC is realistic and that you can do well in that conference, then move. If not, stop telling everybody you can, and go about your business.


Anonymous said...

The kid knows what he's talking about!! Solid points made disch

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? "In fact, the only reason the NCAA makes millions and millions of dollars in annual revenue is because of ESPN." Get your facts straight. Do your research. You repeat yourself like 600 times with the whole "if you want to go to the SEC then go, if not shut up." Texas couldn't survive in the SEC either. It's hard enough for the Longhorns to accumulate a winning record in the lackluster Big-12.

airdisch said...

That 600 times (which is quite an overstatement) is nothing compared to how many times I've heard Aggies talk about the success they'd have in the SEC. So, if you are sick of the repetition, so am I.

Where did I say Texas would dominate the SEC? The Longhorns would never leave join the SEC, as long as Mack Brown is head coach. They want to contend for national championships on an annual basis and joining the SEC would hand them at least two or three losses per year.

But you definitely can't look anyone straight in the eye and say Texas A&M would do better in the SEC than Texas. That's just not logical.